Boston Portfolio Advisors (“BPA”) is a nationally recognized financial consulting firm that has been providing portfolio management, risk management, due diligence, litigation and asset valuation services for over 32 years.

We offer an extensive range of integrated credit and capital markets solutions including: asset management, asset valuation, origination compliance, put-back management, expert bankruptcy support, and expert litigation support.

Our experience spans virtually all asset classes including all types of real estate related loans, student loans, auto loans, commercial loans, credit cards, trade receivables and other esoteric assets.

Much of our capital and credit market experience has been in complex structured situations across both performing and non-performing assets.

BPA provides integrated solutions to our clients who include attorneys, private equity firms, hedge funds, banks and all other types of financial and investment firms.

Through our complete understanding of complex transactional structures BPA brings great experience in the areas of securitizations, portfolio management, risk management, asset based lending, due diligence, litigation, valuation services and virtually all other areas of structured finance.

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