Asset Valuation and Company Review Project

The largest manufacturer of commercial washers and dryers in the world also sells and finances their washers and dryers to clients in over 40 countries.  The parent company was selling the manufacturing company, and a client BPA was interested in buying the manufacturer.  BPA was hired to determine essentially whether the manufacturing company and its loan portfolio and trade receivables were worth buying. 

Boston Portfolio Advisors evaluated the company management, commented on the portfolio, determined whether the loans were properly documented, and evaluated credit quality.  Based on our assessment of the company and its portfolios, BPA's client decided to extend an ongoing line of credit necessary to finance the manufacturing company’s portfolios.

On behalf of our client Boston Portfolio Advisors performed monthly surveillance/reporting on the manufacturing company’s portfolio and performed periodic site reviews to determine whether the owners were doing what they promised and whether there iwas sufficient collateral for the credit line or if a margin call was needed. 


Note: Actual client names have been removed due to confidentiality issues.