As Chairman and Founder of Boston Portfolio Advisors, Scott Calahan has 30+ years experience in asset management, asset valuation, risk management, mortgage finance, auto finance, equipment finance, education finance, structured finance and capital markets.

Mr. Calahan’s recent work has focused on multi-dimensional improvement of mortgage loan and student loan securitization performance, servicer oversight and direction, valuation and management of securitization residuals, valuation and management of charged-off receivables, and expert witness engagements in mortgage finance and education finance.

As asset manager, he has directed the valuation, surveillance, performance improvement, and liquidation of over 125 securitization residuals with underlying assets of over $15 billion – asset classes are primarily home equity, subprime auto, and private student loan.  He has served as expert or asset manager in more than a dozen Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, and has more than a decade of litigation experience as a testifying expert involving complex securitizations and loan portfolio performance.

Mr. Calahan earned his B.S. in Finance from the Pennsylvania State University and his M.B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh.  He is Chairman of the TERI Plan Trust Advisory Committee, a Director of several privately held corporations, Director and Finance Committee Chairman of a think tank, and member of a university advisory board.

Mr. Calahan is co-author of Sub-Prime Consumer Lending and Direct Costing For Life Insurance Company Operations, and is a frequent speaker for national trade associations.  Contact Mr. Calahan at 954-832-3553.