Whether as an interim or long-term solution, BPA provides the experience and skill to support your asset management needs.  Steeped in capital markets, risk management, and operational expertise, BPA currently manages assets in excess of $2 billion for a variety of organizations.  As asset managers, we actively manage loan, lease, and securitization portfolio assets to:

  • Optimize financial returns
  • Improve asset performance
  • Manage and reduce the portfolio’s risk of loss (for holders of residuals, subordinated bonds, whole loan investors, and insurers).

Although each client’s asset management needs are unique, following are services that we perform as needed in the role of Asset Manager.

Bankruptcy Asset Management

Student Loan Portfolio Management

Commercial and Multifamily Portfolio Management

Mortgage Loan Put-Back Management

Residuals Management

BPA is the industry leader in residuals management. With a global perspective of your assets in mind, BPA evaluates whether your residuals are adding value and, if not, formulates unique restructuring options to maximize asset performance.

Valuing and collapsing residuals is a complex and time-consuming process, and BPA is one of the few firms that has the expertise required to do it.  Utilizing our deep experience and proprietary modeling techniques, we provide highly accurate residual valuations and cash flow projections. 

Based on the outcome of our residual cash flow analysis,  we determine whether it is more profitable to sell or even collapse a residual experiencing reduced cash flow.  We manage and execute the entire collapse process from valuation to sale. 

Asset Surveillance and Performance Reporting

  • Forecast cash flows and ensure that expected cash flows are realized through
    tracking and reporting
  • Track collection of each cash flow component such as
    • borrower payments
    • servicer advances
    • prepayment penalty income
    • insurance recoveries
    • REO recoveries
  • Build the systems needed to independently track activity and report performance of assets under management
  • Issue periodic surveillance reports that compare actual to projected asset performance

Operations Management

  • Manage all loan portfolio operations
  • Determine best execution for the assets and buy or sell assets as appropriate
  • Determine loan and/or insurance premium pricing
  • Manage other third-party professionals including ongoing surveillance of the servicer
  • Develop and manage workout solutions
  • Act as special servicer if needed

Distressed Asset Management

  • Management, Workout, and Sale of Assets
  • Asset Valuation
  • Best Execution Analysis
  • Damage Assessment and Loss Quantification
  • Securitization Restructuring Recommendations
  • Fraud Detection

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For additional information on Asset Management, please contact:

Tom Glanfield at 954-832-3556 or tglanfield@bostonportfolio.com