Bankruptcy Asset Management

Boston Portfolio Advisors provides asset management services for bankruptcy cases.  Our recognized industry expertise, proven large scale asset management successes in bankruptcy, superior forensic skills, experience with litigation support, experience as expert and fact witnesses, along with our reputation for integrity, honest assessment, and experience as expert witnesses have made BPA a frequent choice in difficult and complex cases.

We provide various types of bankruptcy support including:

  • Management workout and sale of securitization residuals, loans, leases, REO, servicing, and other assets
  • Valuation of residuals, loans and leases, REO and other assets
  • Asset sales
  • Best execution analysis
  • Assessment of damages and loss quantification
  • Assessment of loan servicing adequacy/quality
  • Due diligence
  • Data analysis
  • Portfolio risk analysis
  • Associated risk levels with asset options
  • Portfolio and securitization restructuring recommendations
  • Fraud detection
  • Affidavits and testimony.

Case Highlights

Boston Portfolio has been instrumental in many high-profile bankruptcy cases including:

  • Search Capital
  • FIRSTPLUS Financial
  • Southern Pacific Funding
  • CFN Liquidating Trust.


Contact Us

For additional information on Bankruptcy Asset Management, please contact:

Scott Calahan at 954-832-3553 or