Commercial and Multifamily Portfolio Structuring & Finance

Leveraging our expertise in asset management and the capital markets, Boston Portfolio Advisors provides institutional investors, mortgage bankers, and real estate developers with targeted services for commercial and multifamily real estate loan portfolios including:

  • Design, accumulate, and manage commercial/multifamily real estate loan portfolios
  • Value real estate loan portfolios
  • Structure and manage the placement of multifamily real estate loan portfolios
  • Improve portfolio performance
  • Locate financing for commercial/multifamily real estate projects
  • Loan placements
  • Perform risk management
  • Develop and manage workout solutions for distressed multifamily/commercial loan portfolios
  • Oversee the servicer and act as special servicer if needed
  • Provide contract underwriting.

Our product specialties include:

  • Nationwide multifamily including small properties
  • Nationwide commercial real estate
  • Healthcare finance
  • First lien, junior lien, construction loans
  • Performing, sub-performing, and non-performing assets.


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For additional information, please contact:

Tom Glanfield at 954-832-3556 or