Boston Portfolio Advisors provides high-quality Due Diligence, Compliance, and Quality Control services that surpass the narrowly-focused checklist approach. As a full-service consulting firm, our thoroughness and experience in “looking beyond the numbers” and assessing loan quality enables us to spot potential discrepancies or problems and yields a highly accurate picture of your loan portfolio. The benefit to you is better execution on your loan sales and securitizations. On an ongoing basis, our quality control methodology enables you to analyze trends, pinpoint problem sources, and reduce portfolio risk by focusing on prevention rather than correction of individual errors. Our expertise in working with both performing and distressed portfolios provides maximum value to our clients.

Integrated Process

Our experienced professionals work with you to thoroughly–but quickly–understand your needs and objectives.  As a custom provider, compliance and quality control is often integrated with our due diligence. We perform a detailed review of the loan files and analyze the data from all angles to substantiate the raw information and uncover any subtle problems or discrepancies that others might miss.  Depending on the scope of your project we may:

  • Assess credit quality, documentation adequacy, and data quality
  • Verify regulatory compliance at the federal, state, and local level including high-cost and anti-predatory lending regulations
  • Check for compliance with underwriting guidelines
  • Review the underwriting guidelines to validate the quality of loans
  • Review appraisals to ensure that properties represent adequate collateral
  • Perform third-party verification
  • Look for unusually high underwriting exceptions, which can be indicative of
    larger control problems
  • Look for unusual refinances, which can be used to give the appearance of a low delinquency rate (e.g., delinquent loans are refinanced to cover up their true status)
  • Perform static pool analysis to determine true losses and prepayments
  • Look at “arm’s length” transactions and investigate ongoing patterns that are
    indicative of improper or fraudulent activity.

Customized Reporting

Our robust reporting capabilities enables us to provide customized reports to meet individual client needs.

Merger and Acquisition Support

In addition to portfolio due diligence, BPA can assist you in evaluating the management, operations, and assets of a target company so that you can assess the financial, managerial, and operational soundness of the organization to be acquired/merged and ultimately validate the purchase price.  We also assist after the merger by bringing together each organization’s processes and fashioning a cohesive, efficient, and profitable operation.

Risk Management

  • Risk Management and Loss Mitigation
  • Securitization Performance / Portfolio Management
  • Securitization Waterfall “Shadowing” and Trustee Calculation Confirmation
  • Loan Product Design
  • Credit Underwriting
  • Quality Control

Securitization Support

  • Capital Structure Strategies
  • First Time Issuer Assistance
  • Rating Agency Preparation
  • Transaction Support

Asset Trading and Sales

  • Identify potential assets for purchase
  • Identify potential buyers for assets
  • Prepare the offering document and manage the sales process
  • Negotiate price, closing documents, and closing dates
  • Structure the deal and provide closing support

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