At Boston Portfolio Advisors the single most important benefit that we provide to our alternative fund managers is confidence. By performing all Fund Accounting functions and providing Detailed Portfolio and Investor Reporting we enable them to make quick confident decisions about their existing portfolios so that they can get back to what they really need to do, grow their portfolios. Also, by providing a dedicated team of professionals to perform Covenant Monitoring and address all qualitative and quantitative covenant compliance issues associated with their existing investments we greatly reduce the number of portfolio related emergencies associated with their portfolios thus allowing our clients to focus on closing deals, deploying capital and simply growing their funds.

Fund Accounting

As an independent third party provider, BPA provides a comprehensive and cost effective fund administration solution while also providing peace of mind to our clients investors by performing all of the accounting functions associated with a portfolio.  These functions include:

♦ Cash Management ♦ Reconciliations ♦ Accruals ♦ Prepaids ♦ Audit ♦ Financial Statements 

♦ Projections ♦ Journal Entries ♦ Portfolio NAV Calculation ♦ Deployment of Capital 

♦ Redemptions ♦ Dividend Disbursements ♦ Investor NAV Calculations

Detailed Portfolio and Investor Reporting

Our platform allows our alternative fund managers to maintain their focus on closing deals while still continuing to receive robust, detailed reporting on their portfolio and their investors'. Examples of these reports include:

♦ Portfolio Composition ♦ Periodic Investment Returns 

♦ Investor Capital Account ♦ Industry Breakdown ♦ Sector Breakdown ♦ Investment IRR 

♦ Track Record ♦ Portfolio Summary ♦ Investor Fact Sheet ♦ Quarterly Income Distribution

Covenant Monitoring

We are too familiar with the distractions associated with a growing portfolio and how they can redirect alternative investment managers’ attention away from closing deals and into fixing existing deals. Covenants that BPA monitors include but are not limited to:

♦ Insurance Certificate ♦ Financial Ratios ♦ Audited Financials ♦ Annual Budget 

♦ Financial Projections ♦ Borrower Loan Reconciliation Report ♦ Annual Operating Plan 

♦ Collateral Value Certificates ♦ Receivables/Aging Report ♦ Portfolio Static Pool Analysis 

♦ Project Completion Schedules ♦ UCC Monitoring ♦ Occupancy/Rental Rate Reports 

♦ Loan to Collateral Value ♦ Concentration Limits ♦ Restrictions on Ability to Engage in Various Activities

BPA’s comprehensive services support the lending process from deal building through servicing and monitoring. We provide support for our clients' commercial lending services and provide unparalleled insight into portfolios, thus enabling our clients to confidently and cost-effectively extend deals to new and existing clients.