Loan Servicer, Oversight Surveillance and Compliance

The quality of your portfolio’s servicing can have a direct impact on your bottom line.  Good loan servicing means more borrower payments are collected, lower delinquencies, lower loan losses, and greater cash flow.  Boston Portfolio Advisors reviews the servicing for all types of portfolios including all classes of  mortgage loans, student loans, and auto loans.  Our thorough and detailed approach ensures that your Servicer's operation maximizes the value of your portfolio and lowers your servicer risk. 

One-Time (or First-Time) Servicer Reviews

We specifically tailor our initial servicer reivew to the size and maturity of the servicer, the size of the portfolio, the type and grade of the loans, the perceived quality of servicing, and any perceived issues with the portfolio.  Although each client's review differs depending on needs, we generally:

  • Evaluate the strength and depth of the management and staff
  • Look at the servicing operation’s systems, controls, and reporting capabilities
  • Evaluate the adequacy of and compliance with business processes
  • Evaluate regulatory compliance, contractual compliance, and quality control
  • Identify any sources of portfolio cash flow and servicing profitability leaks
  • Determine the accuracy of loan file data
  • Evaluate cash management and controls
  • Identify any issues or concerns the Servicer may have with the portfolio being
  • Develop policies and procedures that need to be implemented.

At the conclusion of our review, we provide a written report focused on changes that could improve your portfolio’s value.  In addition to a list of specific items that should be corrected, we also provide concrete suggestions for improving those items, recommend procedural changes if warranted, and discuss what the Servicer is doing right and can do to further capitalize on those strengths. 

Ongoing Surveillance

BPA can continue to monitor your servicer's operations on a regular basis. Monthly or quarterly, we randomly select individual loans and test all or specific servicing business processes (such as foreclosures or bankruptcies) and decision models (such as charge-offs).  We note exceptions and assign risk ratings, which we provide to you and the servicer along with suggested remedies and performance reporting.

 Special Servicing and Master Servicing


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